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The Bend Pickleball Club has instituted a membership cap.

A waitlist has been established for those interested in joining the Club.

New memberships are by invitation from the waitlist only.  All others will be canceled.

If you wish to join the waitlist, please follow this link:

You will then be notified when a membership application is available for you.

If you were contacted by the Bend Pickleball Club with an invitation to join, please register here.

Select one of the following plans and click NEXT. After completing the application, you will have the opportunity to pay through AffiniPay by clicking Pay Online. 

IMPORTANT: If you are the user of an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) you may need to adjust your browser settings before you start this process. The Safari browser will, by default, block cookies used to process your membership. Also, it will prevent access to our payment processor if you have “cross site tracking” enabled. So, you need to enable cookies for our website and disable “cross site tracking”. Here is an article that describes how to disable “cross site tracking”. (

If this doesn’t work you can try to use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc) or you can send a check payable to Bend Pickleball Club, PO Box 8023, Bend OR 97708, and we will register you manually.

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